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5 Rules for Claiming Social Security Benefits as an Ex-Spouse

Yes, divorced spouses (typically women) can claim spousal benefits if they meet the criteria.

Why You Should Talk to Clients Now

The pandemic may have changed what consumers want to hear about.

Is an Annuity Really Worth It?

A new study concludes: You may not get out what you pay in, but the real value is in the stability annuities provide.

How to Give Financial Advice Anytime, Anywhere

One tip: Think differently. Another tip: Know what people are up against.

Helping Clients Navigate "Gray Divorce"

Some couples are going separate ways. Here's how to help them.

How the Rising RMD Age Could Affect Your Clients

One group of retirees is particularly likely to change behavior as the RMD age rises, a study found.

There's a New Social Security Certification in Town

The RSSA designation trains advisors on in-depth Social Security planning, including the use of software.

Consumers Want Liquidity: MDRT Survey

Many consumers without advisors want help with creating an emergency savings fund.

Give to Get

How to get people talking about themselves.

The Biggest Social Security Claiming Mistakes Women Make

Widows, stay-at-home parents and divorced spouses have their work cut out for them.

Is Early Retirement Right for Your Clients?

They'll never know till they know, but here's a way for them to think about the question.

7 Tips for Leading Group Virtual Meetings

The first step is to get the participants' attention.

3 Tips for Turning Your Virtual Sales Call Into a Conversation

Talking over Zoom is one thing. Connecting is something else.

4 in 5 Women Are Under Financial Stress: Fidelity

Fidelity has rolled out a month-long virtual pop-up series focused on a healthier financial future for women.

11 Useful Tips for Growing Your Business

Keep these points in mind when you need a little extra motivation.

3 Things Advisors Should Know About Social Security and Taxes

One key point is that federal income taxes may apply.

How to Help Clients Maximize Social Security Benefits

Claiming early can be tempting for retirees, who are worried about the solvency of Social Security.

Following Up on Prospects

Sure, leads are critical. Once you have them, what do you do with them?

Healthy Financial Habits Start Young

One way to promote retirement readiness is to talk to members of Generation Alpha.

The Rabbit Hole of Success

An annuity wholesaling veteran talks about what he's learned from YouTube.

John Hancock Has a Not-So-Secret Weapon for Tracking COVID-19

The life insurer knows whether program policyholders are exercising. Someday, it could know more.

Emotional Intelligence and Success

A leader of sales leaders talks about how financial professionals can win clients' trust.

Whole Life Insurance Can Improve Planning Outcomes

The tax-deferred growth of its cash value and the guaranteed tax-free death benefit are among its advantages.

Annuity Literacy: The Time Is Right

If only consumers understood what you can do for them.

9 Ways to Get Clients Thinking About the Future

To stay ahead of the curve, your clients need to watch for the curve.

What Do Customers Expect From Agents?

Wanting you to act in their best interest is just the start.

Millennial Estate Planning Surges During Pandemic: Survey

In their wills, millennials appointed pet guardians, donated organs and chose cremation over traditional burial.

Annuities, Retirement Plans and COVID-19

An annuity specialist looks at what retirement plan sponsors should know about in-plan annuity options.

6 Reasons Clients Should Take a Fresh Look at Insurance in 2021

This is a great time of year to look for gaping holes in their protection arrangements.

What Does 2021 Hold For Client Engagement?

One prediction is that reliance on mobile devices will continue to grow.

What 2020 Shows Us About Selling Life Insurance in 2021

A customer journey expert has ideas about the path the life insurance industry will be taking.

6 Predictions for Retirement Planning in 2021

After a doozy of a year, here's what a "new normal" might look like on the retirement income front.

3 Social Security Changes Coming in 2021

Also, check out three strategies for clients who must take benefits before their full retirement age.

Hospice Care and Medicare: LTCI Insider

Billing for end-of-life care can be confusing, even for a veteran long-term care planner.

Annuities vs. Pensions:
What Retirement Plan Advisors Should Know About 'De-Risking'

Many corporations are moving their pension assets into annuities. Here's what you should know about these transactions.

Education and Awareness Will Increase Annuity Sales

A longtime industry executive talks about how to promote the products that are still on the shelves.

6 Industry Sales Opportunities for 2021

Where there are challenges, there are opportunities.

6 Predictions for Retirement Planning in 2021

After a doozy of a year, here's what a "new normal" might look like on the retirement income front.

Annuities Could Stop Retirees From Going Broke.
Why Don't More People Use Them?

Analysts with the Stanford Longevity Project and and Principal Financial have come out with a new look at an old mystery.

What to Do When Prospects Go Dark

You don't know why prospects pull back, but these actions help you position yourself for future business.

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