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Help People See the Value of Income Insurance

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Genworth Might Resume Long-Term Care Insurance Sales by July

The company would issue new, relatively low-risk LTCI products with help from a reinsurance partner.

Many Now Use Life-LTC Hybrids to Pay for Care: Genworth

Care recipients surveyed said their LTCI coverage pays an average of one-third of their care costs.

Long-Term Care Advisors Keep Up the Battle

LTCI issuers are now helping almost 300,000 Americans pay for care.

Individual Disability and Caregiving

It's Long Term Care Awareness Month. Disability insurance can help with that

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Physician and advisor Carolyn McClanahan outlined how advisors can help with long-term care decisions.

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The past 20 months have been a harsh teacher.

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Ida, COVID-19 and the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks are all showing why personal protection insurance matters.

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